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BESSAR together with UMS has established a state-of-the-art finance trading lab in the University of Sabah College of Business and Finance.

The facilities provides a solid foundation for an innovative, cutting-edge educational experience that will help prepare our students and develop the skills necessary for a highly competitive job market.

It offers innovative tools to help supplement traditional classroom teaching and provide resources to help business students and faculty stay on the cusp of an ever-growing industry. The leading-edge technology and data center will allow students to experience pragmatic, hands-on learning in an academic environment. The goal is to prepare students to become competent and confident finance professionals.

The Lab mimic a BURSA Malaysia trading firm. It will be equipped with glass walls, real-time tickers and 40 FIS terminals. These analytical terminals provide accurate, real-time financial data and are heavily utilized in most professional financial firms. Students will be able to run simulations with actual data and observe how their decisions could actually impact the market.

The goal is to reduce the gap between what is taught in the classroom and what actually happens in a professional environment. Our Investment Lab will help us achieve this goal by allowing students to work real-world scenarios with timely and accurate market data. It will be an outstanding resource for the University and the community.

Malaysia has a world-class business industry and we are striving to continue this legacy but we can’t just talk about being the best; we have to act upon our words. Through this Lab, our hope is to sharpen talented young minds so that they will be equipped to steer our community toward a more positive and profitable future.

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