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PlantERS, is designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of planters. It automates business processes and brings operational efficiencies by providing Stakeholders a complete insight into their daily field & factory operations.

With PlantERS, managing diverse and remote plantation operations is simplified. PlantERS can be configured for a variety of crops including Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Oil Palm, Cotton, Forestry and Tobacco. It is highly configurable, user-friendly and can be deployed on Cloud or on-premises.

BESSAR provides a host of services including IT Consulting, Enterprise Resource Planning, IT Infrastructure Management, Web and Mobile Application Development, Tools for Business Intelligence and Reporting. BESSAR's ERP solutions cover multiple lines of businesses like Plantation, Retail, Distribution; and functional areas within a business include Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management and Budget deployed on Cloud or on-premises.

The PlantERS program is based on easy-to-use menus and command options. Extensive use is made of buttons and drop-down menus. In-depth computer knowledge is not necessary to use the software.

PlantERS will convert every single information in the company to digital information which users can access anytime, anywhere. Multi-level access will be a key feature to control and identify users in order to make sure data are protected from intruders.

All important information will be stored in a centralized database server. PlantERS provides a comprehensive information system for technical oil palm plantation management on a block by year record structure with over 200 specific data items.

There are total of 10 modules in Oil Palm PlantERS which are:

  • Administration

  • Payroll

  • Financials

  • MIS

  • FMS

  • Nursery

  • Oil Mill

  • Budget

  • Field

  • Automation

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